Planet 5D: Dual Pixel like video autofocus unleashed with Redrock Focus Tracking!

You’re seeing it first here on planet5D!

How awesome would it be if you could have the Canon Dual Pixel AutoFocus (AF) for video autofocusing on ANY camera with ANY lens?

Redrock Micro is about to unleash that very technology in what they’re tentatively calling a ‘focus tracking system‘ and they’ve shared this very early preview with you, the planet5D awesome readers!

As you can see from the discussion below from Dustin Proteet (a DP used to shoot the ‘spec commercial’ below), they were gunning to shoot this as a single operator with a MōVI as if there was no AD or focus puller to handle the changes in focus in this one-take wonder.

We don’t have any pricing details or even a product name yet as this is still early in the development, but we suspect we’ll see more of it at NAB – you get to see it early!

Redrock has had pieces of this technology for a couple of years, but now they’re combining it all into one focus-tracking package. For more info on their MicroRemote and MicroTape Rangefinder (which are both used in the video), click here!

Thanks so much to Brian Valente from Redrock for sharing this with you first!

Message from Dustin Poteet:


My name is Dustin Poteet and I’m a DP and MoVI operator. I wanted to share a commercial I did that used some new unannounced technology from Redrock that automatically tracks focus on moving subjects. We shot is as a one-shot with a wide open zeiss 35mm f2 and 5D MKII on a MoVI M5. As an early technology proof it was a bit quirky but I was totally impressed by its performance. Unlike something like the Canon dual pixel AF, it can work in any lighting (including backlight or darkness), does not require a face to focus, it’s super fluid and organic, and can be used on any camera and lens combination.

I don’t think it will replace focus pullers, but in situations where you want to use wide open lenses and selective focus, and maybe don’t have the budget. I found it really valuable.

This was a proof of concept technology, so I don’t know what will be the final technical details and specs. Super excited to see where this goes.

Behind The Scenes on The Casamigos Never Let You Down Commercial:

Casamigos Never Let You Down Commercial: