Cinopophilia: Redrock Micro Focus Tracking Prototype

This is the behind the scenes video done on the “Never Let You Down” spec commercial I did for Casamigos Tequila. We shot the spec, using a single operator and a run and gun gimbal rig, and Redrock Micro MicroRemote system with the new focus tracking system prototype, that automatically keeps subjects in focus.

It was a very early prototype of technology, and we only had a few hours to nail the shot. There is a moment that the shot goes out of focus at the end, but considering the difficulty of the 1-shot combined with the limitations of the prototype, we were happy with how it came out. Enjoy, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the device.

Freefly MōVI M5
Canon 5D MKIII
Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/2 ZF.2 (shot wide open)
Redrock Micro MicroRemote with focus tracking prototype

Behind The Scenes

Casamigos Commercial

Original Focus Tracking Prototype Commercial

New unannounced technology from Redrock Micro. The reason this device is so special, is because it automatically tracks focus on moving subjects externally, so it can be used on virtually any camera and lens combination.

We shot this as a one-shot with a wide-open Zeiss 35mm at f2 and 5D MKII on a MōVI M5. As an early technology proof, it was a bit quirky but I was blown away by its performance. It differs from something like the Canon dual pixel AF, because it works in any lighting (including backlight or darkness), it doesn’t require a face to focus, and it’s super fluid and organic.

I don’t think it will completely replace focus pullers, but in situations where you want to use wide open lenses and selective focus, or if its not in the budget, this device is a perfect solution because it solves the focus issue without having to ditch the MōVI altogether. I found it super useful for any filmmaker, but I think it will be especially useful for gimbal operators.

This was a proof of concept technology, so I don’t know what will be the final technical details and specs. Super excited to see where this goes.

Casamigos Commercial Shot With MōVI M5 & Redrock Micro’s Automatic Focusing Prototype