Music Video

Song: Ugly Girls Be Quiet
Artist: Brianna Perry
Director: Wuz Good
Producers: Brianna Perry & Wesley Armstrong
Director Of Photography: Dustin Poteet
Editor: Wesley Armstrong

Song: Rock N Roll
Artist: Printz Board
Director: The Atlantis Brothers, and Printz Board
Producer: Ori Gat
Director Of Photography: Brad Rushing
2nd Unit Director Of Photography: Dustin Poteet
1AC: Kevin Hughes
Editor: Niv Gat

Song: Wait Together
Artist: Boxhoused
Director: Cedar Miller
Producer: Eric Smedberg & Benjamin Woosley
Director Of Photography: Patrick Flaherty
2nd Unit Director Of Photography: Dustin Poteet
MōVI Operator: Dustin Poteet

Song: Keep You In Mind
Artist: Guordon Banks
Director: Juwan Lee
Producer: Adama Elder
Director Of Photography: Joseph Ascioti
Camera Operator: Dustin Poteet
1AC: Misael Audelo
Gaffer: Max Tsarev

Song: My Silver Lining
Artist: First Aid Kit
Director: Elliot Sellers (Doomsday)
Producer: Columbia Records
Director Of Photography: Charlie Balch
MōVI Operator: Robert Spaulding
MōVI Tech: Dustin Poteet
1AC: Charlie Bae
2AC: Herbie Wei